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Office Design Ideas

Hit by a sudden creative burst? Now’s the time to channel all the energy into a project you’re sure to enjoy and appreciate: office space improvement!

It may sound daunting at first, but it isn’t a task that has to be carried out the typical way (new paint jobs, expensive furniture, room renovations, etc.). Office improvement can be done in small yet significant steps.

The best part about a slow, steady approach to sprucing up your workspace is that it won’t break the bank or pressure you into meeting a deadline. There are a number of stress-free ways you can do it:

Think “details.”

Instead of immediately heading out to shop for furniture, inspect each room in the office for areas and pieces that you feel can be replaced or improved. For example, instead of new tables and chairs palettes, you can replace drawer knobs and handles, storage pieces, pillows for chairs, and more.

An office space always has room for small decorative touches, like small plants, mini shelves, one of a kind storage containers for supplies, and so forth. It’s all in the details. Often overlooked, these will actually play a big role in achieving the right aesthetic.

Mix and match.

Mix the old with the new, the high with the low, the dark with the light! It’s really all about balance and contrast: in eye-catching furniture, color schemes, decorative accents, name it. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Change is always good, and colors and patterns are always welcome. Incorporate vintage pieces with modern accents and throw in a pop of color in a minimalist inspired room.

  • Dress up a plain white office table with colorful containers that help you stay organized and clutter-free, and bring in a comfortable and unique pillow for your back or neck.
  • Use a vintage map or a large print out of your favorite painting as the main design of your office desk. It’s a great contrast to neutral-colored office essentials.
  • A large, white couch in the office or a comfortable office chair can pop with mismatched throw pillows. The pillows can set off a neutral-colored room. The best part is, pillows and pillow cases aren’t expensive. You can experiment with fabrics, too.


That unsightly chair sitting in the storage area of the office could be transformed into a corner table for a vase or a lamp. How about mismatched vintage napkins and scarves? Frame the ones that stand out and line them up against the corridor walls. Upcycling inspires the best ideas. No use keeping an object of sentimental value in its poor state. Make it a part of your office by turning it into something useful. Now you can finally dive in DIY projects. Who knows? It may be just a hobby you’ve been meaning to discover.

  • Old glasses can be decorated with tiles and used as pen holders for the office.
  • Postcards, sepia photos, and the like can be framed and used as decoration for your office space.
  • Vintage suitcases can be turned into seats! It may take a little work and a lot of cleaning, but it can be done and you’ll love the results.
  • Old books that no one reads can double as floating shelves. Thick, hardbound books like encyclopedias make great decorative accents. All you need are brackets, a drill, and a ruler. These will look great in reception areas and conference rooms. It will add a touch of uniqueness to the place.


If making purchases is out of the question, then you can think minimalist instead, which is always a good idea. Declutter, sort, organize, and donate. This is a task that goes beyond just cleaning. It teaches the value of simplifying, inspires ideas on proper storage, and trains individuals to adopt the “less is more” perspective. A clutter-free space is always a pleasant sight. It will give you less to worry about, too.  Keep it clean, simple, and filled with only what the useful and meaningful and you’ll see and feel the difference.

  • Small boxes used for accessories and other small trinkets can create compartments for drawers. These can help you sort small pieces, tools, and more.
  • Take advantage of bare shelves, drawers, and labels. Once you’re able to sort through your belongings and segregate the ones you want to keep from the ones you want to let go of, rearranging and organizing is easier.

Invest in good lighting.

You may not be able to instantly revamp your space with new furniture and a fresh paint job but you can give it a new look by investing in the right lighting. Your lighting fixtures should be bright yet easy on the eyes, at the right temperature, and with energy-saving properties. Consider replacing your current lights in the office with LED retrofits – cost-effective, energy-saving lighting that you don’t need to replace every couple of months.

  • LED lights guarantee energy efficiency and longevity. Instead of constantly changing light bulbs or settling for the kind that’s too warm or too bright, you can have better lighting – a great way to highlight just how attractive and inviting your workspace really is. You can find the best LED retrofits for your home or office space here.
  • Increase productivity and improve your working environment with lighting that won’t cause eyestrain and headaches. Good lighting is one step towards efficiency in the workplace.
  • Heat emission is something you won’t need to worry about when you switch to LED lights. LEDS consume less power and operate on low-voltage electrical systems. This means added safety, easier maintenance, and lower energy costs.

Office improvement takes time, effort, and quite a lot of planning but taking small yet significant steps to turn your ideas into reality will bring you closer to your goal. Start with the basic yet important aspects, like better lighting. Layer-1 Technologies offers LED retrofitting services that will make your project easier.

Professional LED retrofitting is a great start. Find out more about how switching to LED lights can improve your office space by getting in touch with the experts at Layer-1 Technologies today.