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Network Design

A network design is like a blueprint of your company’s network.  The design process involves evaluating and understanding the scope of the network needed. It includes the logical map of the network, identifying the necessary devices needed (routers, switches, servers), and fixing the structure of cabling and IP addressing. In designing a solid network for a business, taking the right security measures is key. Each aspect of the network should be arranged in such a way that no inconvenience in the operations is caused in case of troubleshooting or repair.


Complex doesn’t always mean efficient, either. In fact, the simpler the design, the better. This paves the way for easier maintenance, smoother operations, and an overall, more organized structure that both administrators and users can benefit from.

Importance of a Network Design Plan

High Performance

A reliable and well-designed network can efficiently support a company’s entire operation. When the right software and hardware are installed and arranged to create a solid structure, the company can consistently deliver quality service to its customers. Communication and research are easier and faster, too. Improve daily operations by letting Layer-1 Technologies design and create the best network plan for your company.

Resilient Platforms

Sometimes, network downtimes are unavoidable. However, with a well-structured network, the failure of any link or device will not result in a lost client-user session. A good network design provides a solid platform for all applications. Make sure your network has low convergence times and a solid support for all your applications by entrusting the design process to professionals.

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